Praxis is a Market Research and consulting company, specialized in the measurement and improvement of customer satisfaction in a B2B context.


We are providing services in Customer Experience and Customer Journey in France and abroad

Understanding of complex purchase behaviours

Technical products or services, serveral suppliers for a same customer, importance of prescription, importance of the technical aspects, and advise from salespersons

Taking into account of internal context, giving the orientation of the survey objective and methodology

Strategy, organization, process, customer segments, offer segmentation…

Taking into account the environment and competition of our client

Leadership, challenger or follower positionning… direct / indirect competition, strenghts and weaknesses on the market, regulation, opportunities and threats…


Fieldwork (online or telephone)

Integrated call center and online software suite

Custom-made questionnaire

Designed by a senior Praxis consultant

Data management and analysis of survey results, Marketing recommendation

Conducted by a Praxis market research analyst and a senior consultant

Definition of action plan, and help in action plan implementation

Provided by a Praxis senior consultant

Audit, consulting, training, coaching

Provided by a Praxis senior consultant


Praxis in a few numbers

85% B2B surveys
15% B2C surveys

45% online surveys
45% telephone surveys
10% face to face surveys

55% surveys in French
45% surveys in foreigh languages

50% strategic barometer survey
50% Feedback Management survey

70% Market Research
30% Consulting


Secure your strategic orientations by providing you with a unique view on your markets and processes.

For more than 20 ans, we have used a tailor-made approach on our projects, for collecting the right information and to give you relevant and useful insights, and to help you in 3 majors outcomes:

1. make the best decision
2. implement efficient action plans
3. engage your teams


At each step of the project, we immerse ourselves in your context and your objectives, to bring you relevant and useful consulting, and engage ourselves in our recommendation


Both in terms of process and data, to validate and secure your strategic decisions.


Availability, customer-centricity, exchange and pragmatism, to bring you added value on each mission.


Bringing sense and explanation on the data provided, and on the recommendation.


We are full of ressources

Arnaud Lepetitgaland


CEO since 2003. He was previously Manager of the Survey department at Deloitte Consulting.

Georges Heribert

Associate Director

Associate Director, he has joined Praxis in 2005. Before that he was the Europe Marketing Director of a multinational company. Expertise in International management. Bilingual in English.

Guillaume Oliva

Survey Manager and DPO

He has joined Praxis as a survey analyst in 2014. Master 2 SISE Graduate, he is managing our team of survey analysts, developing the internal tools and in charge of the quality and process of analysis for our customers.

Guillaume Cambe

Associate Consultant

He has joined Praxis in 2014. Master graduate in Marketing from IAE Sorbonne Paris, he was before Market Research Manager at TNS Sofres, Ipsos, and also European product range Manager in an international group. Bilingual in English.


Surveys conducted every year


of our survey reports are digital, available online with personalized and dynamic dashboards


  • 5 senior consultants
  • 1 Director of Operations and 5 Market Research analysts
  • 2 Fieldwork managers
  • A network of 30 senior professionnal interviewers, including bilingual interviewers in the main survey languages
  • 3 qualitative research managers


  • 25 place call center (CATI-VOXCO) with quota management and call follow-up tools
  • Voice Over IP software enabling the recording of calls (used in GDPR compliance).
  • Statistical Data analysis software suite (SPSS, VOCAZA, Sphinx+…)

100% of each survey milestones are conducted internally: design and computing of questionnaires and fieldwork reporting, data collection, data analysis, uploading of survey results and survey dashboards.

Our international expertise

Your markets are global, while your customer expectations are different from one country to another?

Our English/French bilingual consultants have a an operational experience in international management, enabling them to understand specific local contexts and the cultural specificness to take into account in our surveys.

For successfully conducing your international survey, we have a multi-lingual team able to work into a dozen of different languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean….

We can conduct telephone interviews in those different languages, but also to design and present survey reports in English.

We provide you with our international expertise that we use in nearly 50% of the surveys we are conducting.

PRAXIS is also member of the Market Research association B.I.G (BUSINESS INFORMATION GROUP

This membership allows us to extend the quality of our fieldworks in other less common european countries in all EMEA.

Typologie de clients

Are CAC 40 / major companies

Are middle-size companies

Are subsidiaries of foreign companies

Our strenghts to help you in your projects

B2B expertise
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B2B Benchmarking database
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International expertise
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Tailor-made services
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Double expertise in Market Research and Consulting
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Digital dashboards
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Dedicated point of contact
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Integrated ressources
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Reactiveness, agility, flexibility
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